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or see a tutorial on how to extend the bot screen

admin - 13/03/17
!ls and !ls latest
To check listsmilies of an name. !ls [smilie name] Eg: !ls mom or !ls latest (Have fun with polishbots)

admin - 25/11/13
Added free time for official chats
All of the 'official' or 'tribute' chats that are listed on the xat wiki page (HERE) are privileged to use bots without a paid subscription.

admin - 22/11/13
!youtube and !yt
Searches youtube and replies with the first three results Eg: !yt anita or !youtube club

admin - 11/01/15
Send the link of the wiki that corresponds to this session.
!wiki [Name power] Example(s): !wiki gold

admin - 21/11/13
The bot will send the translation & help the requested command, use with " ! " Example(s): !help [COMMAND] [LANGUAGE] Eg: !help say pt

admin - 21/11/13

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